Monday, February 8, 2010

Having It All Planned Out

The last few weeks have been stressful, it's true. And when I get stressed, I wake up with this awful crick in my neck.

But from stress comes determination. Because of hard and fast job choices, I realized the things I really do want to do with my barely-post-collegiate self for the next few months, rather than the things I just thought I wanted to do.

Like the hardcore J that I am in the MBTI Meyers-Briggs Test, I am satisfied when I have a plan, a schedule, an outline of my life, and only when I have those things. Lucky for you, and this blog, a lot of those things have to do with Science, and Writing, sometimes together.

So, What's to come:
  • Some perspectives on my astronomy work at NRAO Green Bank, and on Green Bank and astronomy in general. Maybe pictures from my Tuesday amateur telescope sessions.

  • Perspectives, interviews, etc, from the 2010 April Meeting of the American Physical Society. Despite being the April meeting, it's actually next weekend. And I'm going as an official science writer, so I have to produce science writer content. If I'm allowed to, I'll cross post it here.

  • Hopefully, a little taste of biology, conservation, environmental stuff as well, when I spent my summer in pursuit of a Student Conservation Organization experience.

After that? Well, J that I am, I might have to worry about that later.

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