Wednesday, February 10, 2010

call me old fashioned

...but I've seen a couple of websites now, go from sleek, beautiful, or at least readable and generally appealing, to weird, busy, pixelated cyber-puke that doesn't even fit inside my screen resolution.

Not saying my web design skills are particularly hot, cause they're not. I haven't had a chance to look at this yet in those weird super-wide tiny resolution screens I can't understand why people like, partially because I can't understand why people can read stuff that small without getting a headache, so I avoid them like the plague.

I do feel like at least making sure your images-as-text aren't pixelated is a certain standard of professionalism, that sadly, I thought places like Newsweek were successful enough to be able to afford.

I told them so, too. Still waiting on the response.

Now my university web page is guilty of such web design blasphemy as well, having just spent loads of time less than a year ago making and getting comments on their snazzy new site. They made it, some people hated it, some people liked it, and randomly there's another one. And it doesn't fit my screen resolution, and all the images are pixelated, and it's so busy there's no focus. What is the web coming to?


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