Me: A young and idealistic hippie who recently obtained a Physics degree and a consortium of minors from a small liberal arts university.  So far I've used that to grasp at employment in a variety of ways, from astronomy research technician to park ranger to pushing people out of trees staffing several zip-line operations.  Presently I work as a green building consultant in the city of Not Telling But You Can Probably Figure It Out If You Try, North Carolina.

This Blog:  There are several things that I love.  Science is one of them.  A good SciFi (or fantasy) novel is another.  Yet another is writing:  about science, about SciFi novels, about my feelings, about the world.  I also care a lot about this planet, and am concerned about what we do to it.  So come here for essays and thoughts on science in general, communicating science in particular, critical thought on environmental issues, daring rock climbing adventures, good and bad science fiction, and a little bit of feminism sprinkled in there as well, cause hey, why not?

I am also, despite the complaining, the dry humor, or the sarcasm--eagerly, happily optimistic.  I think we can use both our rationality, and our emotional intelligence, to solve our biggest problems.   I want to know about the science and the ideas that will help us do that.

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