Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Not Really A Hippie

This is an oldie but a goodie from my old blog, resurrected and updated because I've been doing a lot of random and non-committal political and social science reading.  The original entry was inspired, as today as been, by my frustration at some of the people in This Lovely Town.

1. I don't smoke. Anything.

2. It doesn't seem okay with me to ask to borrow large sums of money from mere acquaintances.

3. I recognize that people I don't know, don't necessarily want to talk to me about my thoughts on existence while frequenting public areas, and in fact are in public areas for reasons completely independent of the fact that I might also be there, and so can recognize that their potential annoyance if I bother them with these things anyway would stem from reasons other than their being brainwashed conformist sheep.

4. I require structure: not only does too much "chill" irritate me, people who aspire to a certain degree of "chill", irritate me.

5. Nature is cool, and important, and should be protected, but it's not a shining example of peace and happiness and getting along.  It's pretty much about resource competition.  If humans weren't the ones taking over the landspace for our own uses, some other species might have evolved to fill in that same void.

6. I differentiate between being thoughtful and generous with time and money, and sharing.

7. I especially do not want to share my genitals.

8. I may not like some (or many) government decisions, but I'm glad we have a government.  Notice how if you go far enough right or far enough left, the result is essentially "no government."  I'm particularly annoyed at the left-side no-government folks these days, a good friend of mine being caught up in a seemingly-normal protest that turned into a wholesale down-with-the-government smash-fest.  The arrested smashers then demanded public defenders.  The additional irony in the case of my soft-spoken, politically left-but-not-that-far, certainly-not-a-smasher friend is that she trusts the system to not lock her up for being a stupid system-hater just because she ended up in the company of stupid system-haters.

I wish I did.

9.I often contemplate gun ownership--in the sense that I consider gun ownership for myself.  (The God-Damn-It My Way or the High-Way attitude of many of the outspoken gun owners would put me off from wanting to affiliate with them, however)

10. I don't stand in a public place and pretend to be a tree.

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