Tuesday, July 13, 2010

90-Pound-Weakling This

This morning, I went on a measly short run, after hitting the job search hard.

I've already got some calls back, so hitting the job search hard is going well again, for the moment.

I am a pretty terrible runner.  But I'm great and swimming, and not bad at biking.

So I've decided to do a triathlon!  The Hickory Nut Gorge sprint triathlon (meaning, short) in fact.

That's right folks, I'm giving myself until August 28th to shape up.  I'm not really out of shape--because I bike 16 miles to and from work every couple of days and swim like, 2 miles once a week.   I'll need to improve on my ability to run without feeling like I'm gonna vomit.  And I'm not really excited about the sprint nature of this nor sprinting--being someone who withers rather than flourishes under direct athletic competition.

But next time somebody looks at me and assumes a 90 pound weakling, I can tell them that for their information I lead climb, bike 8 miles to work, and do triathlons.

So I'd better go on another run, then.

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