Friday, September 23, 2011


Breaking News!

Okay, so I'm technically a physicist, so technically that means I can comment on this whole European-Scientists-Found-Faster-Than-Light-Neutrino thing, right?

Except I'm not much of a particle physicist, so I don't really have any idea--I'll try to find the paper and make some more intelligent comments later.*  However, anybody proposing to have found this would have to be hella sure (like, sure times 10^27) that they didn't just forget how to add somewhere along the way, because the entire scientific community is about to try it's damnest to tear everything they did to shreds.  As it should.

As for violating OMG UNBREAKABLE LAWS...there are some problems with modern physics that means it doesn't fit in with quantum physics, and vice versa, and we're still trying to sort that out.  Did that leave the possibility open for something going faster than the speed of light?  Err, no, actually, that part was pretty settled.  If this doesn't turn out to be Whoops Guys We Made A Really Embarrassing Mistake, it's actually probably the biggest deal that physics has seen since...Feynman?  That's exciting, but personally, I haven't got my fingers crossed.

*If I get around to it and if it's not behind the content wall.

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