Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ripples In The Life Of

Even when things are going great, a friend noted sagely just last night over a great dinner in a cool late-summer evening, we always find little pockets of imperfection in our lives to obsess over. 

Which is too true.  My latest obsession was having a big enough social life--which I think I can say I've satisfactorily obtained, so now it's time to find something else, I guess.


My cousin just got married and I danced the whole night away in celebration.  He went to the bahamas for his honeymoon and had to evacuate because of Irene.  Meanwhile, on the way back, my parents once again pulled their periodic "we think we might up an move somewhere really far away" moments, the hypothetical of this Cycle-Of-Painful-Indecision being Louisiana.

There's a lot of childhood and only-child baggage associated with all of this--but the short of it they're adults and I'm an adult and I've got to remember that they can darn well do whatever they want with their lives, even if I think what they are doing is wrong for them and stupid.  That's what parents have to do with their kids, after all.  See you every few Christmases, I guess.


Meanwhile, Significant Other's father just came over and announced he needs a couple more volunteers whose pulses he can take as part of training for his acupuncture classes.  Once a week.  Every week.  For eleven months.  That's a lot of (not yet and who knows, maybe not ever I'm not ready to think about marriage yet)) In-Law time, that I really can't even promise, but somehow I agreed anyway.

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