Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speaking of Krispy Kremes

I've never been one of those people who could skip breakfast.  I ravenously seek out breakfast within the first moments of waking up, and I'm not going to be satisfied by a mere piece or toast or a protein shake, I'm talking full, balanced, protein-heavy meal, here. This has been true my whole life, which people who decry how stick-like I am and how I clearly need to eat more should take note of.  I eat plenty, thank you, and quite a lot of it in the morning.

When I was in middle grades, my school took us on a series of overnight field-trips, and all the drama of hotel-roommate picking and being non-picked that this entailed.

For breakfast, they fed the hordes of us a carton of milk and one krispy kreme donut each.  Since krispy kremes are darn cheap, and kids need calcium, and we gotta go quick, yo!

This made all of these field trips miserable for me, because I need to eat a lot more of whatever it is I have for breakfast than one donut's worth, combined with the fact that a krispy kreme is big on fluff and low on substance.  I was so hungry by 9 am that I could not concentrate on anything, was downright sugar-overload-no-energy sick by noon.

I can somewhat sympathize with the position the teachers and trip-planners were in, wanting to get us all food quickly, wanting to make trip prices affordable so we could all go. 

But to this day, I cannot smell a krispy kreme donut without feeling suddenly and desperately hungry.  And what I experienced on a few field trips is what some children have to fight with every day.

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