Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not College

Here's a secret:  As long as it's a topic I care about and even sometimes if it's not, I have always loved writing papers.

When you're writing a paper in school-world, you've got a few weeks.  You may have other homework, but as a student, writing papers is part of your job.  You have libraries of sources and helpful professors and ample opportunity for time management and prioritizing of all of your other projects--at least if you're a hardcore J on the MBTI scale like I am.  You want to write well, and you want to be thorough and correct, because demonstrating good writing, clear thinking and lack of falsehood is what gets you a good grade.  Good grades are the tangible goals that represent those intangible things like learning, developing thought, job well done, etc.

When you're writng the script for a potentailly nationally-distributed internet "podcast" which condenses, explains, and most importantly makes relevant and Not Boring real scientific information about air quality in a national park, you've got a few sources and they are all scientific papers outside of your main discipline.  You have a few days, in the middle of a a real job which has many other demands.  You still really want to write well, demonstrate clear and correct ideas...but for completely different reasons.

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